Tuga Support Services, Surrey
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About Us

I would like to intruduce Tuga Support Services. Tuga Support Services is a family run business established to provide a professional cleaning services across all sectors including offices, pubs, shops, clubs and restaurants, we offer affordable cleaning solutions for businesses throughout the  surrey area.

We can provide a range of general office cleaning duties including day-to-day activities such as vacuuming, rubbish disposal and wash room maintenance services alongside more bespoke office cleaning solutions.

Our team of office cleaners are all hand picked for their honesty and reliability and are the driving force behind our organisation. All our office cleaners are well trained and experienced employees who have participated in numerous training exercises and are well informed about the equipment and cleaning products being utilised.

Our team’s professional attitude and dedication to their work is what has made us one of the leading office cleaning service providers in the UK and is something we are very proud of. For more details about our cleaning services please Contact Us here.